You will find that there are many scams in transportation and logistical company. To avoid being a victim, keep in mind the following advices:

  • Get a company that you are interested into and go to the website to ask for a quote: if you want to find a reputable company, use the keyword transport in your search and the area where you are and you will get a number of companies that work in the areas.
  • Do not decide on the company based on a low price: there are companies that get their victims by luring them with lowest bid. Always choose a reputable company such as before a price.
  • Research more information about the transportation company you want to hire: you can learn from others by reading information that customers write online.  You should search using both review and complaints keywords.  Do not always believe in the review website of the company itself since sometime they may not be real.  Call different companies and get recommendation from your friends. Read about their conditions, terms and quotes.  You should also learn how long they have stayed in the business. It is hard to evaluate the reputation of the company that has just started. If you are using a broker, ensure that the company they use is insured and licensed.  Regardless the company that you choose to use; make sure that you are familiar with their resolution procedure when a dispute arises from damage or delays.
  • Decide on the company and then contact them: ensure that when you book a transport company, you get a confirmation through the email or fax.  Read the contract sent to you before you agree to it or you sign it.  If you are placing a reservation using online option, then your e-signature will be binding one you click at submit or send.
  • Talk to a customer service of the company since a good customer service shows that the company like is willing to communicate to its customers and when companies and customers  communicate well, then less problem will take place during  the transportation of your items
  • Always be aware of hidden fees that may be written in small print.
  • Check and then compare shipping rate with the initial quote that you got from the company. The quote is an estimation of how much the entire process may cost you but there are some companies that stick to such estimate. If you wish to be aware of final cost of any delivery, then you should get the quote and call different companies so that you can get the bid. Experienced company will tell you at once how much it costs to transport your items and you may expect to pay only a small extra on the initial quote.  The rate you pay will end up being higher compared to initial quote but extra charges should be justified by the company.
  • Be honest with what you want to have transported. Your items will be weighed before they are transported so it will save you headaches if you tell the company from the start the weight of your item.